Textero AI – Pricing, Details and More In 2023

In the ever-advancing world of technology, are students really working as hard as in the old days? Maybe not harder, but definitely smarter. 

These kids sure do know how to make technology work in their favor with the emergence of abundant AI tools online. They’re no longer churning out exhaustively long, essay after essay every week.

No more sleepless nights and no downtime to yourself during the weekdays. Now, even with multiple essays, teachers keep mercilessly handing them out. You can still sit back and relax because you know that online AI tools have your back.

One such artificial intelligence tool that has made student life so much sweeter is Textero AI

What is Textero AI?

Textero AI is an online AI tool specifically for academic essay writing, but what’s great about it is that it does everything for you from start to finish. From doing research and gathering information to the actual writing part, which includes making strong and logical points.

You can now go on with your academic life without hassle and anxiety with a reliable mate like Textero AI. 

Key Features of Textero AI

Textero AI is equipped with various impressive features that I have listed below:

Fast Generation

Textero AI has no word count limits and can generate an article of any length in a matter of merely two minutes. This is just such an inherently enticing feature that saves you hours of torturous work.

Unique Content

Textero AI always creates content that is unique and plagiarism-free. Additionally, it always comes up with innovative ideas that your instructor would surely appreciate for their creativity. 

Smart Researcher

Textero AI intelligently finds reliable sources that provide information relevant to your essay. You don’t have to worry about scouring the internet in the tiring pursuit of research. 

Built-in Formatting for References 

It will find references suitable for your essay and then automatically format them in APA or MLA format. You can choose either of the two. For all those pesky instructors who are awfully strict about formatting styles and reject your work for the smallest mistake in formatting. You can rest easy knowing that your essay will be perfectly formatted.

Error-free Content

You can rely on Textero AI with closed eyes to present you with essays that are free of all grammatical mistakes and meet high standards. There is no need for several rounds of editing, ensuring that your final result is error-free. You can skip all of that with Textoro AI. 

Idea Generator

For those of you who don’t actually need help with the writing part but rather for the idea generation. Textoro can be useful for you as well. If you’re having writer’s block or just need a small push, which can be in the form of an idea, this is a wonderful feature. Sometimes, all we need to get in the flow is a good idea, and then everything just clicks into place. 

Textero AI always comes up with innovative ideas that your instructor would surely appreciate for their creativity. 

Efficient Summarization

If you’re simply looking for a tool that can summarize lengthy documents without losing the essence of what was said in them, Textero AI is a handy tool. You can confidently rely on it to not miss any of the important information in the document. 

Pricing Plans For Textero AI

Textero AI pricing model

Currently, Textero AI is available in two versions:

Free Version

The first version is a free version, and it compromises the quality of the content and the number of features offered. If you’re looking for top-quality content, then you might be interested in the paid plan, as this one can only offer average and decent-quality content.

Paid Plan 

This version costs $16.99 and offers all features along with undeniable top-quality content.

Bottom Line

For students, Textero AI is an incredibly lucrative tool. If you can afford it and your academic load requires extensive essay writing, getting its paid version is worth it. With the amount of time you’ll be saving, you’ll be living a much happier student life with lower stress levels. Additionally, it gives you more idle time to socialize and have fun with your friends. 

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