MyVocal AI: Instant Voice Generation and Cloning

We probably grew up with the notion that no matter how advanced technology gets, cloning human characteristics in any degree, shape, or form will not be possible. What if I tell you it is a reality now? 

You can clone your voice in less than a minute using artificial intelligence without sounding “robotic” or monotonous. It is actually a very natural, human-sounding voice. To ordinary ears, telling whether the voice is coming from an AI or an actual human is impossible. How so? With the use of MyVocal AI

What is MyVocal AI?

MyVocal AI is an online AI tool that can clone voices with voice blending, emotional recognition in voices, and even cloned voice singing. 

Any type of content from podcasts, audiobooks, movie dubbing, singing, voice models for AI voice assistants, etc. No more extensive recordings of a human actually speaking lengthy content. 

This is a tool that revolutionized countless industries. Imagine being able to dub any TV show or movie in any language instantly without the hassle of hiring voice actors, paying them salaries, and spending several months just recording. The cases for audiobooks and podcasts are similar. 

Main Feature of MyVocal AI

Easy, instant voice cloning 

MyVocal AI just requires a tiny snippet of 1-minute audio recordings. You can record your own voice or upload anyone else’s voice saying anything. That’s all it requires to work its magic. It’ll take that voice and uniquely clone it with a perfect pitch.

Cross-language voice cloning

You can input any language that was naturally spoken by a human and have it transformed into High-quality voices of another language. MyVocal AI currently supports transforming input voices in British English, American English, and Spanish. 

Smart Emotional Recognition

The biggest concern of people using any AI voice model is that the output voice will end up sounding robotic and unnatural. There’s no chance of that with MyVocal AI, as it can automatically detect the emotional depth with which something is spoken in the input audio. It will replicate that, resulting in a natural-sounding output audio that mimics human sounds. 

Voice blending

If you want to create a voice that is one of a kind and has never been heard before, You can do that with this amazing feature; however, this feature is still in beta mode. With voice blending, you can blend up to 25 different input voices to create a mesmerizingly unique voice. 

Cloned singing voice

Not all of us are natural-born stars who can sing really well. Some of us just don’t have the right pitch. With this AI powered tool, you don’t have to worry about that now. You will be able to sing objectively, no matter how bad of a voice you have. 

Just record your voice as audio input, and MyVocal AI will clone your voice. This voice can be used for singing. You can sing along with all your favorite musicians using your cloned voice. Even in front of your friends and family, you don’t have to be shy because you might not have the best voice, prank them by playing your cloned singing voice and watch their jaws drop. 

Pitch customization

Even with your own cloned voice, which will mimic the pitch and tone that you have in real life. You can adjust the pitch and tone of it for seamless insertion according to your usage. 

How Much Does MyVocal AI cost?

MyVocal AI Pricing

Starting off, MyVocal AI is free to use and lets users use up to 2,000 characters for voice generation in a single month. If that runs out too quickly for you, there are two paid plans:

  • Standard Plan ($10/month): 1 custom voice quota, 50,000 characters, and 10 monthly clone training quota
  •  Professional Plan ($30/month): 3 custom voice quota, 120,000 characters, and 30 monthly clone training quota


Whether you’re a content creator who makes podcasts or sells audiobooks, or you are part of a dubbing industry or a business that wants voices for virtual assistants or a singer,

MyVocal AI can be incredibly beneficial. Along with an impressive list of features, what makes this AI tool so compelling is the price point. They’re giving it out for free! So go ahead and check out MyVocal AI, you won’t be disappointed.

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