Textero AI – Pricing, Details and More In 2023

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In the ever-advancing world of technology, are students really working as hard as in the old days? Maybe not harder, but definitely smarter.  These kids sure do know how to make technology work in their favor with the emergence of abundant AI tools online. They’re no longer churning out exhaustively long, essay after essay every week. No … Read More

StoryWizard – Create Captivating Stories With AI

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Children’s stories have largely remained the same ever since we were kids. We have the same classics that our parents read to us and that we now read to our own children. While there is beauty in that and immense nostalgia, don’t you think with changing times, we should have newer stories?  If you’re either … Read More

Paperbrain – Research Papers Made Easier

Paperbrain Review

If you’ve ever written a thesis or had to deal with reading research papers academically or for your work, you understand how daunting the task is. No matter how many times you reread through the research paper, the language of it seems so complex and foreign, making it impossible to understand. You feel frustrated and … Read More

MyVocal AI: Instant Voice Generation and Cloning

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We probably grew up with the notion that no matter how advanced technology gets, cloning human characteristics in any degree, shape, or form will not be possible. What if I tell you it is a reality now?  You can clone your voice in less than a minute using artificial intelligence without sounding “robotic” or monotonous. … Read More

HeroGPT: Create Prompts That Really Work

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AI tools like ChatGPT have revolutionized the world, making pretty much all information based tasks easier and more convenient. Acting as our personal little helper. Students worldwide jumped on it and quickly figured out how to use it for their benefit. But ChatGPT is not limited to helping you with your assignments and essays. You can … Read More

Quillbot Review: Still The Best AI Paraphrasing Tool?

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If you are someone who writes frequently, whether you are a student and write for academic purposes or professionally, Quillbot is the ultimate companion to have with its handy features. It’s a highly advanced online tool that uses artificial intelligence to rephrase and rewrite sentences, paragraphs, and even entire documents. It’s instrumental in polishing the standard of your words … Read More

WellSaid Labs Review – Pros, Cons, Pricing and More!

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WellSaid Labs is another text to speech AI tool that, on the surface, might not seem like anything out of the ordinary. However, taking a deeper look into its customization and diverse AI voice options, it becomes clear that you’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg.  Unlike other numerous text to speech bots out there, WellSaid … Read More

The Best Stable Diffusion Models In 2023

Best stable diffusion model

Originally released to the world in 2022, stable diffusion is a technology based on generative artificial intelligence that uses textual and visual inputs and transforms them into images with overtones of photorealism. Stable diffusion opens a world of creative possibilities that allows your imagination to materialize into images specifically generated to evince forth the artistic beast in … Read More

Tugan AI – Generate Compelling Copy Using AI

Tugan AI Review

Are you tired of the endless amount of hours you put into researching an article before you actually get to writing it? After that tedious work comes an even more daunting task of writing it all down in a way that is compelling and engaging to your readers. All of this can become too much, … Read More

Byword AI – Scale Your Content With AI

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If you’re a business owner wanting to finally get noticed by Google after all your efforts, producing content at scale is the right way to go. Byword AI can be instrumental in changing your life. All of us are human, and sometimes, we just need more work done than the average human can handle efficiently. In … Read More